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Fixed Height Frame

Our fixed height includes standard 6" diameter x 2" wide solid wheels providing for a playing surface at 32"- 38".  The height can be easily modified with spacers between the bottom of the frame and the wheel assembly.  Most common for personal use.  Also the fixed height is lighter than the adjustable frame.  $6500

Heavy Duty Fixed Height Frame

Our all terrain frame is the same visual design but with a heavier (11 guage)  square steel construction as our standard frame.   Recommended for Field Wheels ($110)

All Terrain - Field Wheels and Brackets

The field brackets are designed to maintain a 36" playing height and ground clearance with the larger 8" diameter x 3" wide solid rubber wheels that attached with a fitted bracket to maintain the 31 7/8" width.   Rolls over rough or field surfaces easily.  ($340)


Adjustable Height Pneumatic Frame

Pressure is evenly balanced with the weight of each side of the instrument so that it is easy to raise and lower the instrument to your favorite height.   Works the same as a standard office chair.  Also this frame is designed to accept the all terrain wheel brackets. (A little heavy in this video without resonators and keys.) $985



Accessory Bar

The accessory bar is 1.5" square tubing that attaches  to the accidental side of the instrument for attaching various other percussion accessories.  Note: the instrument will not longer fit through a standard 32" door with the accessory bar attached.  35" is the new width.  $320


Rosewood Emulator

The rosewood emulator allows for dampening the resonance and sustain of the entire instrument as demonstrated at $36

Keyboard Cover 

Keyboard cover is made of a durable heavy weight "leather" type material with a soft backing.  Cover is custom fitted for just the Mode Marimba and is water resistant.  $130

Replacement Cords

Set of 4 replacement cords with plastic ends.  $42


We can ship to all destinations in the continental US with FedEx freight.

Standard US freight is $405 

There is an additional $117 for lift gate service and $125 for residential delivery.  You can opt to pick it up at the nearest freight terminal or ship to a nearby business to avoid the additional charges.