Mode 5 Octave Marimba

Introducing the Mode 5 Octave Marimba : Model 5.0

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Mode Marimba was founded to provide percussionists a quality, 5.0 octave instrument at the lowest price point possible. We have achieved this with our Model 5.0. For $6500, our artisans will hand craft your instrument with the following:


High Energy Bars

Our synthetic material is engineered to emulate the natural warm tones of rosewood. Multi- modes of vibration are tuned at A=442 hz.

Cord Tension System

Our cord tension system is easy to adjust and stays tighter longer. Each cord ties around a cleat on either side of the instrument. This also makes changing the cord extremely easy!

Cord Support System

Our Cord Support System makes the problem of broken supports a thing of the past. Our rubber supports help the cord last longer and are easily replaceable.

Structural Simplicity

Ease of assembly and dis-assembly means portability. Combined with our standard tunable resonators means you can take it on the go ...and sound great at almost any temperature. Our Gravity Lock TM assembly system with Free Floating Resonators TM combines balance and simplicity to eliminate parts and rattles.


One of our first requirements. The Mode Model 5.0 can fit through a standard 32" wide door frame. Can your 5 octave do that?
Our frame is 31 7/8" Wide and fits through a standard 32" door.
Also if there is a little room to twist on the exit side of the door, the 5 octave marimba can edge through a bit smaller opening with the help of the 4 swivel casters.

Hardwood Key Rails

Ash rails provide for extreme durability. (note: ash is used for baseball bats)

Volume and Vibration

Tunable resonators provide for maximum volume, vibration and resonance at any temperature 40-95 degrees F. Combined with our high energy bars you can shake the walls. No longer be drowned out, be heard with the rest of the band and play a larger part.


Mobility with solid rubber 6" diameter x 1.5" wide tires with brakes are standard, ready to move to the auditorium or the field.

Fitted Compression & Replaceable String Supports

Center support compresses two sides of rail together to keep the rail straight. (prevents sagging)
String supports made of rubber prevent vibratory transfer to the rest of the instrument.


Our floating resonator system makes it easy to disassemble and take it where you want to play. Resonator assemblies (Bass,Tenor,Alto and Soprano) slip fit into a solid aluminum resonator support which also slip fits onto the frame.

Steel Frame

Welded steel construction and black powder coated with a semi-gloss finish. Field tested. Don't ride it but strong enough to. Overall frame dimensions 100 5/8" wide, x 31 7/8". Playing surface at major keys standard at 34 3/4". Adjustable up (not one handed) with "fitted blocks" at the caster, or down with smaller casters.