Tuning the resonators:

The theory of the marimba is based on a physics concept call the standing wave.

The vibrating key is creating waves that move to the end of the resonator and then back.  Much like two pebbles dropped in a pond creating waves, when the waves cross the amplitude of the wave increases but neither wave is disrupted.

When the waves cross at the mouth of the resonator at exactly the right time, the amplification of the sound wave occurs.  Interestingly there is an additional shock wave created that creates forces on the vibrating key shortening the sustain.

Slight variations in temperature can have a substantial effect on the timing of these sound waves.  Therefore we have created a simple design that enables the player to dial in maximum resonance.

Unique to us is the ability to adjust the resonator while listening to the note.  This enables us to dial in very precisely compared to other methods.