What is Mode?

Mode marimba started with the idea to provide an affordable, full-size marimba with a great sound to the broader market of music percussion students. Why?

Most percussion students on their path to professional, teacher or simply lifetime enjoyment never acquire a full-size instrument because of the price barrier.  Everyone we knew and talked to that had purchased a practice or economy instrument did so because higher end units were out of reach.  They left the purchase and experience feeling less than satisfied with the value they received for the money they spent. Students and organizations that do purchase a better sounding instrument generally settle for less than the desired 5 octave to meet a price point in their budget and they are left still left wishing they had the whole 5 octave instrument.

Leading manufacturers tout the benefits and compete with their best product in the market and then leave the general music consumer to purchase sight unseen a lesser instrument either in scale or quality based on the perception of their brand.  High schools and middle schools are reluctant to purchase expensive rosewood units or they keep them under lock and key if they do and they would not consider taking these units outside: first because of their risk of damage and secondly because of their loss of sound due to the temperature factor. (described later in the website)

Many schools share an instrument across so many students and schedules which severely limits practice and thus limits the path to success as a artist or musician in this arena.  The fact remains that accessibility is the number one factor to practicing, and practice the number one factor in progression. 

The beauty of a quality sounding  marimba is that the sound and the resonance lets you feel the music, (talk about good vibrations) and when it feels good, it creates the desire to do it again. 
No other instruments creates the power and volume of sound without amplification across such a broad range of the musical register as the 5 octave marimba.  With all of this in mind we have created the Mode 5.0 Marimba: an affordable, portable, durable, "all-weather" full size 5 octave instrument.