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17731 Haynie Lane
Jupiter, FL, 33478
United States


Mode Marimba, Inc


mode 5 five octave marimba

Design Concepts


  • The flexible design of a Mode 5 octave marimba creates strength in the same way a tree, a bridge, a parking garage, a high rise building or an airplane wing does, by allowing for sway. They all sway. The fundamental design of the Mode 5 incorporates flexibility vs. traditional, more rigid designs. This is critically important in moving the assembled instrument across a variety of surfaces: from the car, field, stage, gig, or any performance.

Structural Simplicity

  • Traditional more rigid designs have many assembled components, parts, nut, bolts, rivets, etc. that may loosen over time. We permanently bond components wherever possible and hold sub-assemblies together with either the tension of gravity or elastomeric tension.


  • The Mode 5 is the only five octave marimba is able to roll through a standard 32” wide ADA door without disassembling the frame.

  • It’s weatherproof. There are no adverse affects from temperature or humidity variation, and rain will not ruin this instrument.

  • Modular design packs in more places with no large assemblies (fits in a Prius).

  • Easily transported and setup by one person.