Assembly Videos

Assembly Pictures

4 parts make up the entire frame

6 bolts

Attach 1 center support to each of the "I" frames using the 1/2" x 2 1/2" black frame bolts.

(Hand Tight)

Attach the two end pieces in the middle with 2 each 1/2" x 3/4" frame bolts.  (Hand Tight)

Layout aluminum resonator supports.  (note markings , major, minor, up, and down )

Hold facing aluminum pieces close together when tightening the connector knob. (Hand Tight)

Slip the resonator supports over the fitted stops at both ends.

First install the bass resonators. 

Rest on the largest side of the bass resonator assembly if you set it down for best balance and to avoid tip overs which make for unsettling impacts.

Both the major and minor resonator sets are broken into 4 distinct assemblies.  Bass, Tenor, Alto, and Soprano.

Install the bass resonators  first starting in the middle of the resonator support allowing the assembly to rest on the resonator support.  Slide the floating resonator assembly to its proper position.

Layout in order the remaining resonator assemblies.  

The order of installation is critical.

Install the soprano assembly next, then the alto and lastly the tenor for both the major and minor resonators. The slip fit design allows you to simply place each resonator assembly into the resonator support.  No tools.